Mauras Cottage Flowers

Lots of new developments at Maura’s Cottage Flowers.

Firstly welcome back to Tommy, at the beginning of such uncertain times back in March 2020 Tommy returned to his previous job as our business adjusted to the many changes that Covid-19 brought. Like many other businesses much of our business disappeared overnight. The good news is that our local business has thrived in recent months, this is down to several factors.

Customers are now much more aware and conscious of the importance of supporting local suppliers, especially businesses like ours who endeavour to be eco friendly. People are adjusting to spending much more time in their homes and like to brighten up their week by having fresh flowers, the pressure of working from home and home schooling have meant that people definitely are getting more comfortable buying flowers for themselves.

The biggest reason for growth in our flower business has to be down to people simply wanting to let their loved ones know how much they are missing them by sending flowers which always bring a smile and sometimes a tear or two, sometimes its for birthdays but mostly its just a message to say “I am thinking of you “and “I love you and look forward to being home again soon”.