Mauras Cottage Flowers


Maura Sheehy

As a flower farmer, I feel a stewardship of the land. There is a deep connection between yourself and the soil when you grow flowers, with this connection comes a responsibility to ensure the sustainability of the earth.

My family have farmed this land for generations and I feel rooted here, I want to ensure future generations have the same conditions we do and the environment stays safe.

Since starting the business, I have put my full focus on ensuring our activities are sustainable and help the environment, not hinder it.

What do we do to help the environment?

Grow flowers! A substantial portion of the flowers we sell and use for functions are grown from our garden using sustainable gardening practices. This reduces the environmental cost of our products and helps the local biodiversity.

Trees: We plant trees year round as part of our gardening. We have planted 2,000 trees in our garden, these trees help the local wildlife and plants thrive.

Composting: We compost old flowers and use recyclable materials to run a composting system. We use our broken down compost to grow more flowers. This circular system ensures a sustainable and successful growth system.

Seeds: We save the seeds of the flowers we grow and re-use them to grow the flowers again instead of purchasing seeds again.

Fertilising: We use local seaweed and leaves from nearby trees to fertilise the garden instead of purchasing any fertiliser. This is much more sustainable and natural.

Coffees! We collect about 100kg ground waste coffee weekly from local coffee shops and put back into composting cycle, saving it from landfill wastes.